A Note on Coronavirus

Dear Popeyes® Guests,

Where we’re from, friends are family. That’s why, during these uncertain times, we’re working hard to get your food quicker and safer. From contactless service at the drive-thru and delivery to intensified cleaning procedures, we want to treat you, like we treat family. With the concern around the spread of COVID-19, here’s what we’re doing:

Safety -  We are proud to say we have best-in-class cleaning procedures in place in our restaurants worldwide, which meet or exceed guidelines. In light of COVID-19, we have increased the frequency of these procedures to occur multiple times every hour at our restaurants.

Contactless Delivery -  When inputting your delivery address, please indicate any delivery instructions to the delivery driver, including where to drop-off your food, for example: outside your door, in the lobby, etc. We are also working very closely with our trusted partners Uber Eats and Mr D to prepare for the increased demand for delivery and provide the most up-to-date instructions surrounding delivery to protect you.

Industry & Expertise -  The Popeyes® brand has a dedicated team of experts in food safety, which has been in close connection with government officials, whether the CDC in the United States or local health authorities around the world.

Thank you for your incredible loyalty and always know that we will do our best to do the right thing for all of our guests at Popeyes® restaurants worldwide.

Love that Chicken